Space, volume and light, colors and essences are one by one what home consists of.
It really took a long time for me in order to be able to define what really is worth to give and create just simple space.
Sometimes, the minimum of interference can put on a frame the “unpretentious” as also the “extreme” might succeed in creating the desired result.
For me, a simple aesthetic move may combine different styles but at the end, the result should certainly look harmonious.
Everything is defined considering what the customer really wants. It is very often, that something new is matched with memories from the past, memories from far way destinations, from life as such.
Through my job, I am trying to help and give to my customers who trust me with their space professionalism and clarity something that really fits to their personality.
Room Service is not a simple showroom. It is more than a space which has been created with plenty of love and a lot of experience.
Ten exciting years, where step by step outstanding material has been amassed, from exciting people that support internally this organization.
So, let yourself glide in this space and certainly you will feel at home.